Sunday, November 23, 2003

Sunday Nov. 23, 2003 4:oo pm Baghdad Time

from the Baghdad Internet Cafe:

After spending some time this morning getting acquainted, we took a taxi to the Human Rights Organization of Baghad, located next to the Ministry of Justice. Along the way we saw the many ministry and commerical buildings that were bombed. Most of the green zone and other "important buildings" (i.e. where U.S. contractors and media live) are surrounding by 12 foot concrete walls and concertina wire. Entire sections of the city are off limits to traffic. Military presence is light with the troops esconced within their "secure" zones.

I'll have more on the human rights violations in another report.

I am taking a break before we go to evening mass at St. Raphael's Church (Catholic) which is just up the street from our hotel. Then we are scheduled to go to dinner with members of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) stationed here.

I will post more tomorrow and begin to write some of the stories with more details about what life is like here and what we are learning about the current situation in Iraq.

BTW, the Inet cafes are numerous and full of folks chatting, playing games, surfing, etc. Lots of clicking going on.


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