Sunday, November 30, 2003

Sunday, November 30, 2003 5:52 pm

Will blog quickly because I need to go to dinner soon. Today we got up early for a trip to ancient Babalon. Believe me when I say that this excavated city no longer gets "tourists". We had to have permission and be escorted into the site by the Polish Army since it is completely surrounded as a military encampment. However, inside we were met by an Iraqi archeologist who gave us an excellent tour of the ancient city. It was something very incredible....and built 6,000 years ago. Even at that time, this land had courts, writings, libraries, and plumbing.

We also took time to visit with some of the soldiers (U.S. army and Polish) stationed there and handed out fliers reminding them of international human rights. This has been a great issue since U.S. military "justice" officials are quick to point out that apparently the U.S. has never signed the Geneva Convention. Still, we like to remind soldiers of the basic ethical responsibilities that they have and they seem to enjoy the contact with CPT.

I seem to have caught a minor cold, but hope to clear it up tonight with several hot teas ("chi" in Arabic).

We are having a surprise birthday party tonight for one of the CPT members, Anne Montgomery. She turned 77 today and I found a shop with birthday cakes and will pick up a couple of tallboys on the way home from the Inet cafe.

Tomorrow we go to Fallujah. Peace, Charlie

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