Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Some random thoughts for the day.

1. Good to see that Simone P. and T. are in Italy safely and that the experience as hostage hasn't diminished their desire to create peace. I understand and look forward to seeing them once again when I'm in Baghdad. At the same time it is worrisome that they were accused of being spies for the US because their names were reportedly found on some list. Fortunately, Muslim truth-tellers were able to vouch for them. Troops and others working in Iraq should be more careful with creating lists of names - for any purpose - and should be more careful even in the states since there are many eyes and ears . There are others who could suffer the same fate.

2. One of our friends from Baghdad, an artist and businesswoman, is in Amman and trying to get to the US with her children. Because she didn't fully understand the visa process she didn't make a good impression with the Embassy at first. Several of us are working to get her visa approved so that they can visit for 4-5 months. They've heard so much about the beauty and hospitality of Texas, I guess they decided to visit and find out for theirselves.

3. We have a team in Texas working on the "Women's Business Center of Baghdad" project (http://www.acceleros.com/WBCB). We plan to hold events in Texas soon to support this project...despite the deteriorating situation there. Too bad the 1CD efforts at economic development encountered such unexpected constraints and the division doesn't have the human resources to devote to this at present.

4. Peace activists throughout Texas plan a major march and rally on Oct. 2. It's one month before Election Day and the 135th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. See ya'. (http://www.texansforpeace.org/TEXRALLY)

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