Monday, September 26, 2005

26-Sept, 2005 Najaf
Monday 10:30 pm

Halfway around the world to check my email....

I never thought that after traveling halfway around the world to Iraq that I would find myself at a friend's home in the Karbala area on such a nice evening, enjoying conversation, eating and ... checking my email (and also writing this blog).

Watching Boston Public on television and the news (suicide bomber on bus of petroleum employees headed to work, bombing on pipeline outside of Kirkuk, etc.) Such as normal family-type life that I almost forget that I'm not in the U.S. More on the trip when I return to Baghdad since I haven't completed it yet. I'll also tell you about our visit with one of the key figures in Iraqi religion/politics. Expect more tomorrow or the next day.

Lots of news about Iraq and the opinions of 24 million people (24 million opinions).


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