Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sept 28, 2005 - Baghdad
2:00 pm Wednesday

We were headed out to the market to buy some groceries for lunch when something happened nearby (we could hear gunfire). Now our empty neighborhood is full of cars that are being re-routed from a major street. Therefore we decided to stop into an internet cafe for awhile so we wouldn't be so noticeable to the strangers driving through. This morning we had a brief visit to the central morgue of Baghdad. However, the staff is shorthanded and busy with 50 new bodies overnight so we weren't able to have our meeting as scheduled. Instead we visited the nearby College of Fine Arts. The College was burned and looted in the aftermath of the invasion but have repaired most of their classrooms (although they are still short of some basic supplies). School doesn't begin until next week but there were plenty of teachers and students dropping by. This afternoon, another interesting trip is scheduled.

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