Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sept 29, 2005 - Amman, Jordan
Thursday, 7:00 pm

We are back in Jordan and getting ready to head out to the airport again for the flight back to the US (Germany, Chicago, Austin). We flew through a sandstorm about half way between Baghdad and Amman. This morning on the ride to the aiport traffic was all backed up - apparently there had been a couple bombings earlier - however we didn't have trouble making our flight since we set aside 5 hours to make the 15-mile trip to the airports. Saw some friends from the Red Cross while there.

Yesterday afternoon, we were back in a section of the Green Zone visiting with the Independent Election Commission of Iraq (IECI). They are responsible for managing all elections, both constitutional and parlimentary, and are gearing up for the referendom on the Constitution. They will employ 200,000 persons to carry out the election at every precinct nationwide and expect a good turnout for this referendum. More on the issue of elections later.


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