Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday April 23, 2007

Our delegation has been all over Amman during the past week, meeting with a wide spectrum of Iraqi refugees - all social classes and religions. Some have been in Jordan for many years while others for only a short while. And while each story is unique, there are several things they share in common.

They are all struggling with the effects of war, not being able to travel or enjoy the rights of a "free" people. Their lives, and those of their children have been turned upside down and an entire generation may end up going without proper schooling. Many have lost all hope for any sort of positive outcome of the war and others say they no longer plan to return to Iraq. ALL say that the US should leave NOW (if not yesterday).

Soon I will be writing up the invidual stories and providing a glimpse into the lives of these families (once I have had time to process everything).

Before then, please read other dispatches such as those of Belinda Subramaniam (in Amman) http://belindasubraman.livejournal.com/ or Dahr Jamail (currently in Syria) http://www.antiwar.com/engelhardt/?articleid=10857

Charlie Jackson

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