Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sitting with the team back at the home in Suli, listening to "Dust in the Wind" and reflecting on this country and its wars.

While our team was in Halabja today, meeting with survivors of the 1988 massacre in that area, there were more than 118 casualties throughout Iraq.

Two car bombs tore through crowded areas of Sadr City in Baghdad on, killing at least 45 people and wounding more than 60 others. Bloodstained pavement and twisted heaps of metal from the cars greeted witnesses. Saadi Rashid, 35, said he had just bought some new clothes for his children at a nearby store when the blast went off, sending shrapnel piercing through his shoulder and his leg. "I saw my blood covering the clothes that I had planned to take to my kids," he said. Also in Baghdad, a roadside bomb struck a minibus, killing five and wounding three more.

Elsewhere in Iraq, U.S. troops opened fire in Riyadh near Kirkuk after they said they were ambushed. Two civilians were killed and one injured when the Americans opened fire. The military says that they were attacked by several people with grenades and guns. In the al-Karama district of Mosul, police found the body of a beheaded girl. In the eastern Mosul neighbourhood of al-Mathna, 'unknown gunmen' fatally shot a police officer in his house.

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