Friday, May 01, 2009

Two U.S. Marines and one sailor were killed Thursday while conducting combat operations in Fallajah yesterday (Thursday), bring to 18 the number of US troops killed in April. At least 356 Iraqis died in April due to the conflict.

Also on Thursday, the Iraq war formally ended for British forces as they handed control of Basra to U.S. commanders and prepared to ship out most of its remaining 4,000 troops. A U.S. flag was raised over the base outside the southern city. From Basra to Baquba, basic services, electricity, sewage treatment and clean water are in short supply, while corrupt officials and political elites survives only with the protection of US firepower. Gordon Brown claimed yesterday that the wreckage of blood-drenched Iraq was a "success story". General, Petreaus still has no exit strategy for the U.S. Turkish jet hit Iraq's mountainous region on Wednesday and Thursday. The new raids came a day after a powerful bomb blast, blamed on the PKK, killed nine soldiers in Diyarbakır province in Southeast Turkey and the separatists shot dead a soldier near the town of Şemdinli, close to the border with Iraq.

On Friday, two brothers were killed in a pre-dawn military raid in Tikrit. Security was tightened in Tikrit after hundreds of angry mourners — some firing weapons into the air — took to the streets to protest the killings. The demonstrators shouted "Down with America!"

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